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Upon relocating to Australia after almost 2 decades in Europe, Thalasea discovered a gap in the Australian food market. Lovers of quality food did not have the opportunity to experience fine Greek food. Thalasea did their research online and visited physical stores only to find out-dated and dusty products. The only options were what Greece had to offer 30+ years ago. They saw this as a very limiting experience of Greek gastronomy in Australia.

Each region in Greece has its unique characteristics (climate, soil, traditions) which enable producers to create their magic and distinguish their products from the rest. Thalasea have worked hard behind the scenes to bring to Australia the best of what Greece has to offer. Their vision is about working directly with a network of small quality artisan food producers who pride themselves in their work.
In a world full of mass production, Thalasea are excited to showcase these unique artisan food products to Australians who love their food and take pride in what they have in their pantry.
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