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The Salt Box
Exotic Salts That Add Aroma & Flavour

The Salt Box is home to the widest range of natural exotic artisan salts in Australia. Each one can be traced to its provenance and has its own story. Whether its the Fleur De Sel thats been hand-harvested off the coast of Brittany, the red Alaea sea salt thats been mixed with sacred Hawaiian clay, or the Japanese sea salt Aguni taken from a remote island surrounded by mineral-rich sea water, you'll revel in the unique flavour and history of each. Despite their individual origins, they all have one thing in common: theyve been personally sourced by The Salt Box's Selmelier from only the cleanest and most natural sources. You won't find any anticaking agents or artificial aromas or flavours in this range, just delicious natural salt to finish the perfect dish with flavour, texture and aroma.

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