Kuranda Wholefoods
Natural Homemade Bars and Muesli

When Maria Peronace tried a Kurunda health bar at the market in Cairns, she knew she was onto something delicious, and that there were many others out there like her that would appreciate a healthy and delicious snack like this. She went on to acquire the Kuranda Fine Foods and the Aussie Snax brands and set about making homemade bars that maintained the same integrity found that day in Cairns. Being gluten intolerant and having a keen interest in health and nutrition, she expanded the range to include 100% Gluten Free, Wheat Free, and Dairy Free Natural Muesli. These have become brand favourites along with the Kuranda Satisfying Seed Bars available in a variety of flavours, and the Kuranda Quinoa and Chia Bars that satisfy vegans and those seeking fructose friendly snacks.

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