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Stonewall Kitchen
Kick Tastebuds into Gear with Award Winning Condiments

It pays to keep your eyes peeled at the local farmers market, because you never know when youll discover a specialty food creation. Take Stonewall Kitchen for example: 25 years ago owners Jonathan King and Jim Stott were making a few dozen jars of jam over a four-burner stove at home for the markets. Today 75,000 jars of delicious condiments are produced in their Maine headquarters - a testament to the scrumptious flavour and passion for food and horticulture they pour into every sauce, mustard, and jam. It has dazzled Americans, and become one of the most awarded specialty food companies in North America, even travelling into space with an astronaut that couldnt part with the flavours of home! So now its time to try it for yourself.

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