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The River Kitchen
Handmade Boutique Sauces & Condiments

The River Kitchen is a warm hug, a crackling fire on a winter's night, a lover's embrace....bottled.

This collection of dessert and savoury sauces is irresistibly tasty. So powerful, in fact, that you may just have to lock them away and give the key to the other half because once a drop of these saucy compatriots passes your tastebuds we can guarantee they'll appear in your dreams! Each sauce has been lovingly handmade to The River Kitchen's exacting standards, with everything from seductively sweet salted caramel to palate cleansing lemon curd through to A rich tomato relish, slow cooked for maximum flavour! From sweet to savoury and beyond, sample what River Kitchen can bring to your next dinner party.

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